Apples: Bar Graph for Preschoolers

We’re on an apple-picking spree here on the East Coast! It’s only mid-September and the kids and I have been to the apple orchard three times already.  After our most recent visit, we stopped by the farm store with one of Jasper’s buddies and took advantage of the vast apple selection to tally the apple varieties by color to create our first bar graph at home. While we did this activity in the farm’s market, you could do this at a grocery store, or even within an orchard.

Turn your next apple picking experience or market visit into a MATH experience for your preschooler with this beginner bar graph activity - Crafternoon Playdate Continue reading “Apples: Bar Graph for Preschoolers”


Apples: Apple Nachos

How about a healthy fall snack for parents and kids? Try these fun apple nachos with whatever toppings you and your little can dream up!

If you’re on the east coast, chances are you’ll be spending at least one day picking apples fresh from the orchard. One of our favorite ways to eat the literal fruits of our labor is by making a fun treat of apple “nachos.” Continue reading “Apples: Apple Nachos”

Apples: Apple “Core” Art

Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 9.29.54 PM

Fall is definitely my favorite season and I love all of the delicious foods that come with it! Earlier this week, we made home made applesauce (Maddy LOVED mashing up the apples after we had simmered them on the stove) and I was sure to save the apple seeds to create this fun little craft I have been doing since I worked in the classroom. Continue reading “Apples: Apple “Core” Art”

Apples: “Way Up High” Felt Board

To begin our newest theme, I picked a project that put the spotlight on one of our favorite finger plays, Way Up High in the Apple Tree. This is already an interactive rhyme so the new spin makes it tactile as well – a five red apple felt board. With that being said, this is a craft for parents and caregivers, and an activity for 2-5yo (be forewarned, there are small pieces though.) Continue reading “Apples: “Way Up High” Felt Board”

My Name is…: Letter Clothesline

Screen Shot 2017-09-07 at 9.37.20 PM

I have honestly noticed a huge difference in Madeline’s understanding and recognition of her name these past two weeks! This has been such a fun theme for all of us here at Crafternoon Playdate (did you see the bonus ideas Jess did on our Instagram?) and we hope you have enjoyed the activities as much as us. For our last project, we made an activity that reuses a material from a previous project. Read more to find out how to put together this activity-it shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes to set up! Continue reading “My Name is…: Letter Clothesline”

My Name Is…: Finger Paint Football Jerseys

Despite plenty of practice with his first name, Jasper has been almost oblivious to the fact that he has a middle and last name, too. If your child is the same way, or you simply want to pay homage to your favorite team this season, creating these finger-painted football jerseys is an excellent opportunity to make your family name a focus.

Jersey_Title Continue reading “My Name Is…: Finger Paint Football Jerseys”

My Name Is…: Magnetic Letter Match Travel Tin

Screen Shot 2017-09-04 at 8.07.16 AM

Much to my delight, Madeline really enjoys cute miniature toys and games (I was obsessed with my dollhouse growing up). I’ve seen people repurposing mint tins into all kinds of adorable miniature activities and wanted to come up with something of our own to try it out. Using magnetic letters, I created a letter match activity for Maddy to continue practicing her name for our current theme. This is great for in the car as well as anytime at home! Continue reading “My Name Is…: Magnetic Letter Match Travel Tin”

My Name Is…: Letter Fishing Worksheet

Happy September! With the start of a new month and “school year,” we are knee-deep in fun name activities. Have you seen the bonus ideas we’ve shared on our Instagram account (@crafternoonplaydate)? If not, check out the feed because you’re sure to find something to excite your child! Today, I’m sharing something a little more ‘formalized’ – a name recognition worksheet. This free printable is geared towards children ages 3-6 (mine is a couple months shy of 3 and enjoyed it with some guidance from mama). Continue reading “My Name Is…: Letter Fishing Worksheet”

My Name Is…: “Yarn Writing”

Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 4.43.41 PM

It’s no secret that Madeline loves gluing projects! She also has taken an interest in yarn. She has been going through my knitting bag lately and unraveling yarn proclaiming “This is mine now.” I wanted a yarn project of her own to do and figured this name recognition, letter tracing, “yarn writing” (thanks for the cute name for it, Jess!) activity would work perfectly with our theme! Continue reading “My Name Is…: “Yarn Writing””

My Name Is…: Spelling with Cookies

It’s back to school season! I know a popular first theme is ‘All About Me,’ but with preschoolers a huge focus on one thing, like their name, is even better. The first in our “My Name Is…” series is an edible name spelling activity, great for your older toddler or young preschooler.

NameCookies Continue reading “My Name Is…: Spelling with Cookies”