Bugs: Ladybug Number Matching Game

I am always looking for fun, interactive ways to re-introduce concepts like numbers, shapes, and colors into our play. This ladybug matching game took only a few minutes and a couple sheets of construction paper to complete but was an awesome opportunity to practice counting and number recognition all while kicking back on the floor together. Continue reading “Bugs: Ladybug Number Matching Game”

Bugs: Shape Match Butterflies & Ladybugs

Screen Shot 2017-07-23 at 3.50.15 PM

We have just been “buzzing” with excitement over bug week over here! I have done a shape activity similar to this for other themes, and when my “boss mom” got these shape foam stickers for us, I knew I had to make them into a bug week project for us! Remember, you can simply cut out shapes and use glue rather than buy the stickers for your project.  No matter what, your little one will love matching up the shapes and colors on this easy to put together craft. Continue reading “Bugs: Shape Match Butterflies & Ladybugs”

Bugs: The Icky Sticky Spiderweb Game

I’m the first to admit that spiders creep me out. I try not to relay that fear to my kids though and I’m always going out of my way to express wonder and awe, “ooooh, look at this beautiful sparkling web the spider made” and “wow! Did you see how many buggies this big fuzzy spider caught in her sticky web?” To put an active spin on this, I created a masking tape spiderweb for Jasper and let him explore exactly how a sticky web works. Continue reading “Bugs: The Icky Sticky Spiderweb Game”

Bugs: ‘Smoosh Art’ Butterflies

Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 9.53.59 PM.png

Whenever we see butterflies outside, Madeline always excitedly points them out. We also love to visit the butterfly garden at the Boston Museum of Science, so I wanted to incorporate these fascinating insects by doing a process oriented craft that also teaches symmetry. Continue reading “Bugs: ‘Smoosh Art’ Butterflies”

Bugs: Lightning Bug Fingerprint Painting

One of the true signs that summer is in full-swing are the resurgence of lightning bugs throughout the neighborhood. Whether you’re in the *firefly* or *lightning bug* camp, I have yet to find a single person who isn’t mesmerized by the soft twinkle. While we’re of the catch-and-release type, this project gives us a little piece of summer year-round.

LightningBugs or Fireflies in a jar Continue reading “Bugs: Lightning Bug Fingerprint Painting”

The Beach: Rainbow Fish

Screen Shot 2017-07-13 at 3.16.06 PM.png

There are so many amazing creatures in the sea! Your child will sharpen their fine motor skills and color recognition while creating this whimsical fish inspired by a beloved children’s book. Continue reading “The Beach: Rainbow Fish”

The Beach: Strawberry Sea Creature Snacks

Crafting takes a lot out of us – so we usually need a good healthy snack to hit the spot after a big playdate. There are so many adorable beachy snack ideas on Pinterest (beach bum teddy grahams! Gone fishin’ snack mix! Gummy shark jell-o cups!) so it was easy to feel inspired. These Strawberry Sea Creature Bagel Bites with a blue cream cheese ocean were the perfect result!

Strawberry Sea Creature Snacks Continue reading “The Beach: Strawberry Sea Creature Snacks”

The Beach: Lobster Hand/Footprint Art

Screen Shot 2017-07-09 at 8.10.05 PM

It isn’t summer at the beach without some sweet lobster! Make this simple and adorable “lobstah” using your little ones foot and hands – an instant keepsake! Continue reading “The Beach: Lobster Hand/Footprint Art”

The Beach: Paint Chip Beach Scene

Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 4.29.20 PM.png

Living in New England, we are spoiled to be in close distance of many lovely beaches. Maddy loves going to see the “watah”, playing in the sand and of course, collecting shells. For this project, you will create a “birds eye view” style beach scene that is also an interactive activity! Continue reading “The Beach: Paint Chip Beach Scene”

The Beach: Sandpaper Sand Castles

Two-thirds of our beach bag is taken up by sand toys and tools… and I don’t think we are alone in that. Jasper is obsessed with digging and building in the sand – then knocking down and rebuilding haha. Our newest beach theme project gives a similar satisfaction, but with no mess and lots of options: Sandpaper Sand Castles.

Sandpaper Castle

Continue reading “The Beach: Sandpaper Sand Castles”