Halloween: Paper Plate Skull

Jasper has an unreal fascination with skeletons ever since he saw The Nightmare Before Christmas. One of his favorite parts is during the intro when Jack says “I can take off my head to recite Shakespearean quotations” and J immediately responds “I no take off my head!! I not Jack.” Channeling that excitement into an educational craft was a great way to reinforce his knowledge of shapes while also inspiring him to role play (even if it was as a creepy character!)


Craft/Activity/Snack: Paper Plate Skull
Objective: Create a skull through the use of basic shapes: circles, hearts, and rectangles
Skills Utilized: shape recognition, dramatic play, science
Suggested Reading: Skeleton Hiccups by Margery Cuyler
Materials: one white paper plate, black construction paper circles and heart (eyes and nose), small white rectangles (teeth), and school glue or glue stick20171016_162408

First, you need to prep your paper plate to become the skull. Start with your paper plate and trim off the bottom sixth-to-quarter depending on your preference:

Next, turn your paper plate right side up and ask your child to find the rectangles and glue them. You could also draw small rectangles and make this a shape matching activity instead.20171016_16271320171016_112441

Flip the plate over so the convex portion of the plate is facing up. The next step is to find the circles. Let your child decide where the circle eyes should go20171016_112538

Lastly, is the nose. Use an upside down heart and you’re done!20171016_16290120171016_112612

And just like that you have a quick and easy paper plate skull made out of shapes. 20171016_112802

Extension Activities:

  1. Cut out the center of the eyes and create masks out of the skulls. Put on your own creepy Halloween skit
  2. Visit a museum of natural history or science and observe the skulls of all different animals/people
  3. Talk about bone health


Illustrated Avatar Jess


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