Halloween: Hand and Footprint Crafts

Having worked professionally with children for over a decade, I have lots of tried and true projects that I’ve been doing with kiddos year after year. A favorite of mine is hand and footprint projects. These make a wonderful keepsake and are fun to repeat each year to see how much your little one has grown! Scroll down to see some Halloween projects I have done throughout the years! We would love to see what you creat – don’t forget to tag us on IG @crafternoonplaydate, follow us on Facebook or comment below to share pictures of your spooky crafts!


Craft/Activity/Snack: Halloween themed hand and footprint crafts
Objective: Using your child’s hand or foot, create fun Halloween themed projects
Skills Utilized: language, learning body parts, color recognition
Suggested Reading: Little Blue Trucks Halloween by Alice Schertle
Materials: paint, paper, paintbrush, little hands and feet!

Other ideas:

1. Paint feet orange, yellow and white for candy corn!

2. Use handprints to make spiders

3. Ask your child what they would like to make! You’d be surprised how creative kids get with these crafts!


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