Halloween: Cottonswab Skeleton



October is here and it is not only Madelines birthday month but also the month of one of our favorite holidays-Halloween! Create these cute cotton swab skeletons for a fun and minimal supply decoration children of all ages will enjoy.

Craft/Activity/Snack: Cotton Swab Skeleton
Objective: Create dancing skeletons using glue and cotton swabs
Skills Utilized: following directions, identifying objects from small, medium, big, fine motor
Suggested Reading: Halloween Hustle By Charlotte Gunnufson
Materials:  glue, a “skeleton face” cut out, 3 cotton swabs, 6 cotton swabs cut in half (12 halves), 1 cotton swab tips cut off (so 2 small pieces), optional: bow


First, I put the glue down to create the main part of the skeleton. You could certainly make this a process oriented skeleton by allowing your child to glue the swabs however they’d like, however for this particular craft, I wanted Maddy to follow specific instructions to create the dancing skeleton.

Next, I instructed Maddy to find a big cotton swab to put in the center glue line.


She was already digging this project.


Next, I asked her if she could find the medium size cotton swabs. She first reached for the smallest but I asked If there were any that were bigger than those, but smaller than the big one we just glued down. These further instructions helped and she was on it!



Next we did the legs, so she had to find the big swabs. She incorporated counting as she glued down each leg- “1 little leg…2 little legs..”


She asked to do the head and the bow next so that is what we did.



Now do the monster boogie, the monster boogie ’round the room!!



Ways to Expand Upon this Activity:

  1. Watch and dance to The Skeleton Dance !
  2. Add in some science and read The Skeleton Book by Robert Winston to learn about bones.

Illustrated Avatar Amanda




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