Pumpkins: Watercolor Shapes

Don’t have the time to prep but want a simple and educational craft to display? Try this Patch of Pumpkin Shapes with your preschooler!


Craft/Activity/Snack: Pumpkin Patch of Shapes
Objective: Paint/decorate pumpkins that look like shapes to help reinforce shape recognition
Skills Utilized: shape recognition, pre-writing skills, fine motor skills
Suggested Reading: Big Pumpkin (my favorite!) by Erica Silverman
Materials: White construction paper, permanent marker, and orange art medium of your choice (we used watercolor paint)


This pumpkin patch craft is great because it requires literally no prep and you can use literally any craft medium you have available – crayons, markers, glitter and glue, regular washable paint, etc. I absolutely adore watercolors and will find any excuse to bring them out for Jasper so you can guess why we used them this time around. Another reason I love this project is because if you have multiple children, an entire playgroup, or a classroom of kids you can let each child pick a single shape and you can create a pumpkin patch display with each of their works of art. Since it’s just Jasper and I (as Mila was napping), I let him dictate which shapes he wanted and drew them out for him.

STEP 1: Start by asking your child which shape/shapes they would like to see. Taking their lead, draw your shapes with permanent marker and morph them into pumpkins by rounding out the angles and then adding curved vertical lines, a stem and vine. Voila!


STEP 2: Paint or color the pumpkin/s and that’s it. Seriously. PumpkinShapes2PumpkinShapes3PumpkinShapes4

Jasper enjoyed this so much he actually requested a second sheet with even more shapes: PUmpkinShapes5pUMPKINsHAPES6PumpkinShapesFeatured

Such an easy and fast project with a unique end result. You can also give the kids green or brown paint to fill in the stem and vine.

Illustrated Avatar Jess





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