My Name Is…: Finger Paint Football Jerseys

Despite plenty of practice with his first name, Jasper has been almost oblivious to the fact that he has a middle and last name, too. If your child is the same way, or you simply want to pay homage to your favorite team this season, creating these finger-painted football jerseys is an excellent opportunity to make your family name a focus.


Craft/Activity/Snack: Finger Painted Football Jersey
Objective: Focus on last-name recognition by matching letters to spell last names
Skills Utilized: fine motor skills, sensory exploration, matching, alphabet recognition,
Suggested Reading: The Berenstain Bears Play Football by Mike Berenstain
Materials: White construction paper, template (included below), paint and card stock in color of your choice, and alphabet stickers

We’re big fans of the Eagles so it was a no-brainer to do a white and green jersey. You can pick any colors you’d like! You can also add number stickers or a team decal.


The below can be printed and used to trace out your shapes. The Jersey will be white (so it can be painted) and the rectangle and 4 curved piece will be in your accent color.


With a newfound appreciation for finger-painting, Jasper went to town on the white paper. Your child can paint as little or as much as they prefer.


While they are painting, sort through the stickers and cut out the letters your child will need for their last name.


Once they are finished painting, move the white paper to the side and grab your rectangle in the accent color. I wrote our last name on the jersey template for Jasper to have a reference point.


I then had him identify each letter and find it in the pile of alphabet stickers. He needed help peeling off the backing paper, but he was excited to place the letters in the proper order.


Once they are done with creating their nameplate and their earlier painting piece is dry, you or your (older) child can trace and cut out the jersey shape.


I then glued the curved stripes to each of the sleeves and the nameplate as well. You can also draw the lines on like I did with the bottom hem if you’d prefer!


Each time Jasper takes a look at the jersey, he proudly declares “Muh name is Japper Uh-roz” …goal accomplished!


Extension Activities:

  1. Visit a local sporting goods shop and browse the jerseys. Encourage your child to identify the letters and numbers on each.
  2. Make a large scale of this project using an actual t-shirt, fabric paints, and iron on decals
  3. Play a game of football

Illustrated Avatar Jess


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