Peace, Love and Happiness: Peace Sign Sun Catchers

Why not put your desire for a world full of peace, love, and happiness on full-display? You can with these Peace Sign Sun Catchers.


We’ve already explored watercolor inspired methods (check out our Watercolor Jellyfish and Color Blend Snow Cones) and decided to try out another unique technique that I saw floating around Facebook last week. I tested it first and despite the simplicity, I ended up with this beautiful effect so I knew it was a great new craft option to introduce to the boys!

Watercolor with Markers

Craft/Activity/Snack: Watercolor Peace Sign Sun Catchers
Objective: Use markers and a sandwich bag watercolor technique on tissue paper to create a suncatcher
Skills Utilized: prewriting skills, muscle memory, and fine motor skills
Suggested Reading: The Peace Book by Todd Parr
Materials: water-based markers (Crayola work great), tissue paper square (about 8 inches), black construction paper cut into a 7in circle, plastic sandwich or gallon-sized bag, spray bottle filled with water, and glue stick. For an easier clean up, having a paper plate and paper towels at the ready will be helpful but they are not required.

peace sign materials

To create the peace sign silhouette, fold the circle in half and draw half of a peace sign onto it like below:

peace sign materials 2

Cut it out and voila – a peace sign silhouette. Older children can do this themselves with some help! Hint: use a hole punch to get started rather than shoving the sharp end of scissors through the paper layers.

peace sign materials 3

Allow your child to scribble, draw, etc. all over the surface of the plastic bag. This can get messy as the marker will not dry and will rub off when touched. Hint: you can tape the bag to the work surface to hold it in place!

Peace Sign Suncatcher Step 1Peace Sign Suncatcher Step 1b

Place the tissue paper over a paper plate. Most tissue paper will have a shiny side and a dull side, have the dull side facing up.

Peace Sign Suncatcher Step 2

Spray the paper until it’s saturated

Peace Sign Suncatcher Step 3

Lay the plastic bag down, ink side towards the tissue paper. Let your child pat, smoosh, and rub the bag against the wet tissue paper.

Peace Sign Suncatcher Step 4

Remove the bag and carefully lift the tissue paper off the dish and place it in front of a sunny window to dry. Laying it over paper towels helped it dry pretty quickly.

Peace Sign Suncatcher Step 5Peace Sign Suncatcher Step 6

When the tissue paper is dry, apply the glue stick to the black peace sign silhouette.

Peace Sign Suncatcher Step 7

Place the peace sign over the tissue paper and cut off the scraps.

Peace Sign Suncatcher Step 8

You can punch a hole in it to string a ribbon through or simply tape it to the window and let the light pour through.

Peace Sign Suncatcher Step 9

Extension Activities

  1. Read more about the origins of the peace sign.
  2. Print and color these awesome peace sign coloring pages
  3. Add these peace signs to Amanda’s peace and love garland banner

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