Summer Treats: Banana “Nice” Cream

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You scream, I scream, we all scream for “nice” cream! It’s no secret that we all love ice cream in this house.  We gave this SUPER easy (I’m talking you could probably forgo the milk and make this a one ingredient frozen treat easy) banana ice cream a try and it is definitely our new favorite thing. The best part? it’s easy enough for your toddler or preschooler to do all the prep work, supervised of course! Enjoy this healthy, summery treat with any toppings and it is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Activity/Snack: Banana Ice Cream
Objective: Prepare banana ice cream using frozen bananas, milk and any toppings you like.
Skills Utilized: safe food handling and prep, safe knife use, following instructions, fine motor skills, naming and using the 5 senses
Suggested Reading: Should I Share My Ice Cream? By Mo Willems
Materials: bananas (browning ones are sweet!), child safe knife (we love this set found on Amazon), cutting board, gallon bag, food processor, milk of your choice, ice cream toppings

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I knew I wanted to have Madeline do all of the preparation, if possible, herself. She loves to help cook and bake, so I knew she would have a blast with this.  First, we pulled our hair back and we washed our hands. Next, I had her peel the first banana.

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Then, I instructed her to slice up the banana. I tried to show her where to cut but she pretty much did her own thing. I know I’m biased, but I think she did really well!

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We discussed the smell, feel, and the taste of the banana. We also talked about using the knife carefully.

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Once you and/or your little one have prepped the bananas, put them into the zip bag and place them in the freezer. We froze ours overnight.

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Once the banana slices are frozen, place them into your food processor (I’m sure a blender would do the trick as well) and add a little milk of your choice.

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We blended it on low until it looked smooth.

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It took on a wonderful, soft serve like texture and smelled oh so good!

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Maddy made herself two bowls and chose to use chocolate chips and pink sprinkles. Can you guess how well it went over?

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I enjoyed mine with a bit of fresh mint from our little deck garden. We had quite a a lot left over; it kept really nicely in the freezer, thickening up more. We treated ourselves to the leftovers for breakfast the next day!

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Ways to Expand Upon this Activity:

1. How many new flavors can you come up with? Peanut butter banana? Strawberry banana? The options are endless!
2. Use the cutting of the bananas as a fraction activity for older children. Two halves make a whole, etc.


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