Summer Treats: Watermelon Worksheet FREE Printable

We love watermelon! I’m pretty sure fresh summer fruit outweighs even ice cream when it comes to the best summer treats. If you’re like us and going through a watermelon (or two) in a couple days, this Watermelon Worksheet printable is perfect for your preschooler, pre-Ker, or kindergartner. The pairing of coloring alongside letter identification, color recognition, and pre-writing skills is a winner!

***FREE*** Watermelon Worksheet Printable for parents and teachers of preschoolers, and kindergartners. Helps to teach letter recognition (R&G), pre-writing skills, and color identification!

Craft/Activity/Snack: Watermelon Worksheet
Objective: Turn a basic black and white illustration into a colorful watermelon
Skills Utilized: Pre-writing skills, muscle memory, fine motor skills, color identification (red, green, and black), letter recognition (R & G),
Suggested Reading: The Watermelon Seed by Greg Pizzoli
Materials: Watermelon Worksheet FREE PRINTABLE (download available here), black crayon, red crayon, and green crayon

Watermelon Printable

I got everyone set up, gave directions and heard, “Help me! Where my crayons at, mama?” Whoops haha.

Where my crayons at

When everyone has all of their crayons (black, red, and green), ask them to identify each of the colors they have. Watermelon Worksheet Materials

Then, have them find their black crayon to trace the perimeter of the dashed line. This teaches self control and pre-writing skills like following a shape and developing muscle memory. Just look at that grip he has! Proud mama! Watermelon Worksheet Prewriting Skills

Then we move to coloring! Ask your child to grab their red and to identify the letter R in the word RED on the worksheet. Then encourage them to find the Rs in the photo and to color the area around them red. Once they are happy with their watermelon guts, repeat the same with the green crayon.

The boys did an excellent job, especially given the two youngest boys’ ages of 2.5 and 3.

Watermelon Worksheets are all done

Extension Activities:

  1. Plant watermelon seeds
  2. When finished, have your child cut out the watermelon picture
  3. Allow your child to use a lettuce knife (dull, safe blade) to chop up pieces of watermelon
  4. Search out R & G letter in other items throughout your house – the pantry, DVDs, etc.
  5. Eat watermelon of course!

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5 thoughts on “Summer Treats: Watermelon Worksheet FREE Printable

  1. This is a great activity for kids to do because what kid doesn’t love watermelon! It teaches them fine motor skills and it’s a fun activity. Can’t wait to try with my kiddos! Thanks 🙂


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