Summer Treats: Rocket Pop Collage

As we begin our new theme of SUMMER SWEETS AND TREATS, it seemed like a no-brainer to begin with a rocket pop craft. Rocket pops (Bomb Pops, firecrackers) are iconic for summertime. They were my favorite since I was a little girl and Jasper loves them too which makes my mama heart happy. He is a very literal kid and refers to them as his “red white and blue poppycools”. They serve as the perfect basic color sort inspiration for both toddlers and preschoolers due to the simplicity of the three colors, yet variety of materials used.

Rocket Pop Multimedia Color Sort Collage

Craft/Activity/Snack: Rocket Pop Collage
Objective: Create a red, white, and blue color-sorted collage
Skills Utilized: tactile sensory exploration, pincer grasp, color recognition and sorting
Suggested Reading: Color Dance by Ann Jonas
Materials: Red, white, and blue construction paper, a popsicle stick, glue, and an assortment of small red, white, and blue craft items/trinkets

First, you’ll want to make a popsicle shape like I did. You can do this by laying the construction paper into a line and gluing each piece together. It’ll be approximately a yard long; however, you can make this smaller if you’d prefer. Once the pieces are glued together, round off the red portion of the pop to give it a classic popsicle shape. Lastly, attach a popsicle stick to the backside of the blue section.

I gathered random craft supplies from my stash for the multimedia collage. Many of these were small and required adult supervision as they might be choking hazards. Some additional ideas to be on the lookout for are: tissue paper squares, pompoms, sequins, buttons, glitter, fabric scraps, stickers, washi tape pieces, confetti, jewels, bows, finger paints, foam shapes, cotton balls, feathers, etc.

Rocket Pop Color Sort Multimedia Collage

When Jasper eats his trail mix, he goes for one type at a time, much like he did with this project. Rather than doing a little red, then a little blue, then a little more red, and then some white, he opted to pick out all of the blue items from the pile first. I squirted some glue and let him decide where each of the pieces went.

Rocket Pop Color Sort Blue

Then he moved to red…

Rocket Pop Color Sort Red

And before I knew it, he was done! In addition to the colors, we discussed the shapes and texture of each piece – soft, smooth, hard, fluffy, etc.

Rocket Pop Color Sort Let the Glue Dry

The glue took a little while to dry so we brought it out to lay in the sun for about an hour. He was so excited to dance around with the better-than-life-size rocket pop!

Rocket Pop Color Sort Outside

It sure is massive within our art display but it was an excellent canvas for color exploration.

Rocket Pop Color Sort

Extension Activities:

  1. Use a rocket pop as a paintbrush and paint with the colors
  2. Rather than make a craft, use the popsicle as a reusable activity. Find items to sort throughout the house like blocks, balls, toy cars, doll clothes, cups, utensils, flowers.
  3. Using two cups – one filled with red water and the other with blue – place a rolled paper towel with the top in the red and the bottom in the blue. Watch as the colors migrate and blend. Discuss
  4. Make your own colorblocked popsicles using molds or small cups and popsicle sticks.

Rocket Pop Collage Red White and Blue

Illustrated Avatar Jess


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