Bugs: Ladybug Number Matching Game

I am always looking for fun, interactive ways to re-introduce concepts like numbers, shapes, and colors into our play. This ladybug matching game took only a few minutes and a couple sheets of construction paper to complete but was an awesome opportunity to practice counting and number recognition all while kicking back on the floor together.LadybugNumberMatch

Craft/Activity/Snack: Ladybug Number Matching Game
Objective: Create ladybugs by pairing the numeral with the correct number of spots
Skills Utilized: number recognition, counting, fine motor skills, puzzle making
Suggested Reading: The Grouchy Ladybug by Eric Carle
Materials: red construction paper, black marker, and scissors

Start by cutting out 10 or more ladybug shapes


Color in the head, add a numeral and corresponding number of spots


Cut the bug in half where one piece has the spots and the other piece has the number writtenLadybugStep3

Once they’re all done, your kiddos are ready to play!LadybugMatchingPieces


Jasper can recognize the digits 0-9 so we worked on counting each spot and then searching for the correct numbered half to match up to the spots.

Ladybug Match Jasper Doing it

He was a champ! I was impressed by not only how well he could do it, but by how perfectly he laid out the bugs and his insistence that we do it over and over again.

Ladybug Matching Game Jasper is almost done

Ladybug Matching Game

Extension Activities

  1. Instead of numbers, match upper and lower case letters
  2. After assembling the bugs, use them as counters for basic arithmetic
  3. Draw bugs instead of cutting them out; for younger children write the numbers and let them dot the ladybug, for older children, draw the spots and have them write the number
  4. Learn about how ladybugs can help a garden

Illustrated Avatar Jess


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