Bugs: The Icky Sticky Spiderweb Game

I’m the first to admit that spiders creep me out. I try not to relay that fear to my kids though and I’m always going out of my way to express wonder and awe, “ooooh, look at this beautiful sparkling web the spider made” and “wow! Did you see how many buggies this big fuzzy spider caught in her sticky web?” To put an active spin on this, I created a masking tape spiderweb for Jasper and let him explore exactly how a sticky web works.IckySticky Spiderweb Game

Craft/Activity/Snack: Icky Sticky Spiderweb Game
Objective: To actively explore how spiderwebs catch prey, without harming any spiders in the process
Skills Utilized: science exploration, gross motor coordination, dramatic play
Suggested Reading: Seaver the Weaver by Paul Czajak
Materials: black balloons, tissue paper cut into peanut shapes (easiest way to explain it), and masking tape – oh, and a door jamb

Icky Sticky Spiderweb Materials

First, begin by making an asterisk of sorts in a doorway. Be sure that the sticky side is facing whichever room your child will be in when they are playing.Icky Sticky Spiderweb Step 1

Then, use more masking tape to connect each of the main pieces perpendicularly. Jasper was amazed by my spinster handiwork:Icky Sticky Spiderweb Step 2 Jazz

Once the web is complete, it’s time to assemble your “bugs.” Attach the wing-shaped tissue paper to the balloons using a teeny tiny bit of masking tape (to keep them as light as possible):Icky Sticky Spiderweb Balloon Fly

With the bugs complete, it’s time to play!

Icky Sticky Spiderweb Step 3

Jasper caught on right away and his first bug was stuck on the first try!Icky Sticky Spiderweb Step 4

It took a few more attempts – and lots of giggles – before bugs 2 and 3 were snagged.

Icky Sticky Spiderweb Step 5

Icky Sticky Spiderweb Game

Sweet success!

Icky Sticky Spiderweb Success

This is a great way for us to have a beginner’s discussion about webs and how they work to catch bugs for spiders. While Jasper is two and a half, even older children would have a blast with this because balloons don’t quite soar with the same accuracy as a ball and even if they hit the web, there is no guarantee that it’ll stick. While we did this as part of our bug theme, this would be a fun Halloween Party game, too!

Extension Activities:

  1. Search your garden (or house, eek!) for spider webs
  2. Using white glue, draw a web onto black paper and sprinkle bug confetti onto the glue
  3. Read Charlotte’s Web together and watch the movie

Illustrated Avatar Jess


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