The Beach: Sandpaper Sand Castles

Two-thirds of our beach bag is taken up by sand toys and tools… and I don’t think we are alone in that. Jasper is obsessed with digging and building in the sand – then knocking down and rebuilding haha. Our newest beach theme project gives a similar satisfaction, but with no mess and lots of options: Sandpaper Sand Castles.

Sandpaper Castle

Craft/Activity/Snack: Sandpaper Sand Castle
Objective: Use different sizes and shapes of sandpaper to build a sandy fortress
Skills Utilized: sensory exploration, shape recognition
Suggested Reading: Uh-Oh by Shutta Crum
Materials: construction paper (for background), white school glue, and natural colored sandpaper sheets

Before we got started, we read a few beach books from the library and talked about our recent visit to the lake where Jasper played in the sand for HOURS. He loved talking about the sand and the different things he played with and built.

Sandcastle BuildingSandCastle

I then cut a lot of rectangles, squares, triangles, and arches in several sizes. We discussed their texture, the different shapes and practiced naming them and sorting them. Once the shapes were sorted into piles, I encouraged the boys to build different configurations.

They were eager to use these as two-dimensional blocks and built some really impressive castle layouts.Sandcastle Collages

Sandpaper Castle Collage

Finally, when they were pleased with their creation, we whipped out the glue and I let them glue their pieces to the page.

Sandpaper Castles Finished

Extension activities:

  1. Add shells, stickers, and jewels to dress up the sandcastles
  2. Make a castle and have your child try to recreate your pattern
  3. Build a castle out of each shape separately
  4. Build a real sand castle!
  5. Break out a sandbox for sensory time.

Sandpaper Castles with Shapes

Illustrated Avatar Jess


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