Red White and Blue – Cut Paper Mosaic

If you’re looking for an easy, last-minute 4th of July project, look no further! This Cut Paper “Mosaic” heart is an excellent project for little hands and can be tailored for a variety of skill levels.

Cut Paper Mosaic

Craft: Red, White and Blue Cut Paper Mosaic
Objective: Create a patchwork heart with patriotic colors
Skills Utilized: Muscle memory – easy chopping motion to help your small child learn to properly hold scissors for more detailed cutting, color recognition – red, white, and blue, fine motor skills – picking up and placing the tiny paper pieces.
Suggested Reading: Curious George Parade Day by HA Rey
Materials: safety scissors, black paper cut into a heart shape, red, white and blue paper cut into 1 inch strips, craft glue.

Cut Paper Mosaic - Materials

I had originally planned to let Jasper rip some construction paper to shreds with his cousins to make a collage; however, he had other plans in mind. He’s obsessed with his scissors (which he lovingly refers to as ‘chop chops’) and wanted to use those. As he’s still getting the grasp of it (quite literally), I was glad to oblige.

I cut the construction paper into strips and handed them off to him. This way, in order to get small pieces for his mosaic, he only needed to do one swift cutting motion. For older children or those with more scissor experience, encourage them to cut pieces from entire sheets of paper.

Jasper really loved getting to ‘chop chop’ …

Cut Paper Mosaic - Jasper Cutting

… and you can see that even before the activity was complete, his form was already improving!

Cut Paper Mosaic - Jasper Cutting Paper 2

Cut Paper Mosaic - Jaspers Pieces

Once they have enough pieces cut, spread glue over your black heart and let them pick and choose where pieces go. Smaller children like Jasper may place them randomly; encourage them to name the color that they are pasting. Older children might want to do a pattern or something more symbolic.

Cut Paper Mosaic - Process Collage

Aside from a little white glue, this is a relatively mess free activity. It’s perfect for a vacation house, a playdate at the park (on a non windy day haha), or at your own kitchen table. Jasper was so pleased with his heart, he made two more with his cousins!

Extension Activities:

  1. Use red glitter glue, blue glitter glue, and white glue to designate a color pattern that your child can utilize to place the specific colored papers
  2. Make a suncatcher by using red white and blue tissue paper on clear contact paper instead
  3. Mail the hearts to troops serving overseas and discuss their service to our nation

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