Red White and Blue: Uncle Sam Masks

We love the USA. We love crafts. We love role play. Creating these patriotic paper plate masks inspired by Uncle Sam was such fun. The boys thought they were Santa Claus when it got around to adding the beard which opened up a whole history discussion and an introduction to Uncle Sam.

Uncle Sam Paper Plate Mask

Craft/Activity/Snack: Uncle Sam Paper Plate Mask Craft
Objective: Introduce Uncle Sam and create a mask for 4th of July
Skills Utilized: fine motor skills, creative play, role play
Suggested Reading:  America: A Patriotic Primer by Lynne Cheney

Uncle Sam Masks

Materials: Red construction paper, blue construction paper, white construction paper, white paper plate, 4 cotton balls, white glueUncle Sam Mask Materials

For each hat you will need: three 1.5in white stars, three 1×7 in white stripes, one 2x8in red strip, one 5x7in red rectangle, one 2x5in blue rectangle, one 1.5x4in “bow tie” shape, a white paper plate with the center cut out, and 4 cotton balls

First, we created the hat:

Uncle Sam Mask Hat Process

Then the boys glued on the hats and bow ties:02

And finally the famous Uncle Sam beard:

Uncle Sam Mask Process 3

We laid them flat to dry and we discussed other patriotic American symbols like the Bald Eagle, red white and blue, the flag, and Rosie the Riveter.

Uncle Sam Masks Finished

Some extension activities:

  1. Discuss other American icons like Rosie the Riveter and the Founding Fathers
  2. Hand out coloring pages
  3. Put on a 4th of July play

Illustrated Avatar Jess


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