Camping: Color Scavenger Hunt + Printable

If you’re outside playing or deep in the woods on a hike, you’re bound to see colors all around you. The concept of colors is a tricky one for growing minds as common color names coordinate with a wide array of hues. Bring this to life by challenging your littles to a scavenger hunt of colorific proportions using our printable graphic!

Color Scavenger Hunt Highlight

Craft/Activity/Snack: Color Hunt / Scavenger Hunt
Objective: To find items of the 9 different shades listed on the ladybug printable while searching outdoors
Skills Utilized: Color differentiation and identification, gross motor skills
Suggested Reading: Pantone Colors Book by Pantone, Mix It Up by Herve Tullet

Incorporating ‘brain challenges’ into physical activity can be so easy.  During walks we are constantly counting houses, identifying letters on signs, and searching for numbers on mailboxes and license plates. Without a doubt, Jasper’s favorite is searching for specific colors.

He seems to believe that the only way he can adequately search for the colors is by looking through his binoculars:

Color Scavenger Hunt Jasper looking for colorsColor Scavenger Hunt Jasper Searching for COlors

But it works because, he was mighty successful!

Color Scavenger Hunt Finished

By using this ladybug printable as a checklist of sorts, you can do it too! Simply right click on the image and save it to your own computer. Print it as a full page 8×10 image for each of the kiddos at your next playdate.


As with the Nature Walk, be sure to closely monitor your children to ensure they are only touching things that are safe. I take two approaches to the color hunt: (1) I lead the kids to areas (like the honeysuckles) and ask them to tell me which colors they see then help them pick what they want to collect for that ladybug or (2) have them pick the color they want to search for and I lead the hunt looking for that specific hue. Once I’ve found it, I generally give a broad “look over here” and let them poke around a little bit.

COlor Scavenger Hunt IG HeaderIllustrated Avatar Jess


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